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About Us

VILKS is a transport company that has been providing international road freight transport services from the most demanded destinations in Europe since 2007.
VILKS is the next generation of MULTILOG, taking over all values, knowledge and skills from its predecessor. Our strength is the synergy of VILKS team competencies, passion for our case and customized IT solutions. Our partners are made great by their employees, and we work with these people, we work honestly, simply and humanly. We consider ourselves a modern company, but we have adhered to the methods of our fathers - to start a conversation, get to know each other and become friends. Each VILKS’ partner has the best friend - their client manager who understands the partner's needs and takes care that they are met in the best possible way. The goal of the company is to make the life of our friends, or our tribe, easier by taking over all the worries and anxieties about cargo delivery. Since we have been doing this for more than 14 years, we are obviously succeeding. Join tribe of VILKS!
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Our values

Customers – it all starts with People

Morality – the world is round

Attitude – a story of choice: ours is positive and responsible

Relationships – the most important things are outside of interest and currencies

The team – superheroes are only in the movies

Experience – the wisdom of life is not read in books

Purposefulness – the path is open to those who know where it leads

Our vision

We are the best choice for transportation of groupage freight with temperature control in Europe.
Our goal is to become an indispensable partner for our customers, helping them to build and maximize a sustainable competitive advantage.
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Our mission

We provide reliable freight transportation tailored to customer needs, ensuring the highest level of customer service.
Our mission is to provide a positive, trustworthy experience to each of our customers while offering outstanding value.
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Meet The Team

Vilks Group

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+371 66066787


Katlakalna iela 9a, Rīga, LV-1073, Latvia

Reg. Nr. 40103743254

VAT Nr. LV40103743254

Bank: Swedbank AS


Bank account: LV90HABA0551037298583

VILKS Transport SIA

+371 66066787


Katlakalna iela 9a, Rīga, LV-1073, Latvia

Reg. Nr. 40003907511

VAT Nr. LV40003907511

Bank: Swedbank AS


Bank account: LV50HABA0551016180560

VILKS Transport GmbH

+371 66066787


Elisabethstrasse 9, Lage, DE-32791, Germany

Reg. Nr. HRB 10325

VAT Nr. DE342915100

Bank: VerbundVolksbank OWL eG


Bank account: DE38472601218345751500